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About Us

The financial benefit and portfolio expansion is at the forefront of everything we do on the behalf of our clients.

Rosenhof Partners mission has been from day one, and always will be, to protect and nurture the growth of our client's capital by applying cutting edge analytic, high standards of due diligence, meticulous research and unimpeachable expertise in our approach.

We are not beholden to any financial institution or product provider and this affords our financial strategists and clients the luxury of being able to select products from the entire marketplace, safe in the knowledge that the recommendations we make will be bereft of all conflicts of interest.

Our Team has the Experience.

Rosenhof Partners is committed to maintain an entrepreneurial environment that works hand in hand with regulators, this encourages unrestricted, long-term thinking. We reward hard-working team players that dedicate their energy and attention to the needs of our clients. At work, at home, abroad, and in their communities, we aim to be their implementation of practice and choice.

Your portfolio diversification matters most, and needs to be accessible anywhere, anytime. This happens with our framework.

International banking has changed not so long ago, most people who were asked whom they trusted to keep their money safe would have responded with a near-unanimous “My bank”.

Similarly, most people asked to whom they’d entrust stewardship over their investments and retirement funds would have given the same answer.

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That has all changed!

The years since the financial crisis and last years Covid-19 crisis have demonstrated all too painfully, that the once-mighty banking giants are not the infallible institutions we thought they were after all.

The sheer size and market capitalization of a financial institution no longer provides clients and investors with the degree of protection from market volatility that they once took for granted. Today’s investment marketplace has undergone a fundamental shift in its dynamics and Rosenhof Partners is well placed to make sure that our clients profit in “the new normal”.

Founded in 2008, Rosenhof Partners is an independent, full-service brokerage and investment planning firm committed to delivering innovative capital appreciation and preservation solutions to non accredited individuals and families and accredited investors alike. We place the welfare of our clients and their families first and we pride ourselves on having become the first port of call for their financial affairs. We consistently exceed our client's expectations by going the extra mile in terms of attention to detail, delivery of service and, most importantly, returns on investment.

From our headquarters in Hong Kong, China and offices around the Asia Pacific region, we currently oversee the deployment of over $2.5 billion of assets on behalf of clients both in Asia and around the world.

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