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Equity Investment Strategic Overview

Rosenhof Partners manages a range of Pre IPO, Reverse Merger, and Live Trading investment strategies across market capitalizations, investment styles, and emerging and developed markets. Rosenhof Partners investment analytics projections are undertaken with a long-term view and seek to allocate capital to growth oriented investment portfolios whether it is for the first time investor or an accredited investor.  Rosenhof Partners considers factors in fundamental investment decisions, leveraging both in-house qualitative research and external government and private equity data sources, like hedge funds and banking partners.  Rosenhof Partners use a full set of analytical capabilities to research a variety of types of data (e.g. structured data, economic analysis, etc.) from a range of proprietary and external sources to identify potential development opportunities. Pre IPO's and Reverse Mergers that add sufficient incremental financial value are integrated to strategies managed by the senior management team and are one of our principle portfolio recommendations.

Rosenhof Partners works with its investment partners to develop and drive long-term portfolio value. Central to offering this service is the independent financial review. Rosenhof Partner's advisors gather all information on existing financial arrangements including investments, pension provisions and other assets & liabilities.

At Rosenhof Partners our investment strategy is predicated upon a structured, disciplined, and risk adverse approach to portfolio product designation. In order to protect our client's capital and increase their net wealth through capital gains, we implement a macro-economic approach through personal relationships with trading partners to an investing algorithm which is product allocation driven. We look at key macro-economic indicators like interest rates, individual sector growth, economic growth and even Geo-political factors before arriving at a shortlist of indicating factors that might and or will play a role in your allocated holdings.

Following this stratagem, and depending on the prevailing state of the current economic cycle, our advisors allocate assets which best reflect our client’s risk aversion and overall economic outlook. Our analysts expect to prevail over the term of the investment.


Relying on a proven stratagem to investment success, we:

  • Develop a portfolio that mitigates risk while maximizing long-term growth potential;

  • Assist clients ascertain their most favorable asset allocation;

  • Analyze results against set targets;

Rosenhof Partners takes great pride in the need for flexibility when devising client portfolio diversification. The portfolio must be adaptable and flexible enough to change as the client’s life circumstances see fit. The mitigating factor (a diversified portfolio) should present to the bearer, its capital that may be used for a significant event such as purchase of a home or the financing of a business venture.

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