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Financial Strategist Management Services

Rosenhof Partners financial strategist management service is tailored to investors who wish to engage in an active interest in their portfolios but would prefer to benefit from proactive guidance and assistance with the ongoing monitoring of a diversified portfolio.

Our clients fiduciary interests always come first and foremost. We are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the regulatory laws, rules, and ethical principles that govern our domestic and international trading. Our continued success is reliant upon unswerving adherence to this unwavering standard.

We take great pride in the professional and ethical decorum instilled in our responsibility to our shareholders. We have an unparalleled determination to achieve excellence in every trading platform transaction we undertake on behalf of our clients and Rosenhof Partners.

Your financial strategist will be available to provide market analysis in instances where clients may not be sure about opportunities or assets they have identified through their own efforts:

  • Live trading and secondary market investment opportunities will be identified by a fully qualified investment manager;

  • Opportunities will be weighed by analytics to identify risk management and your objectives;

  • Clients can add stipulations that investments are not to be made in any industries that do not support their moral foundation or that they consider unethical; armaments, munitions, tobacco etc.;

  • Financial Strategists are available to discuss any investment propositions clients may have;

    • Reverse Mergers

    • Mergers Acquisitions


Rosenhof Partners bespoke discretionary investment management services have proven to be beneficial to those people who prefer up to the minute analytics to day trade, swing trade, and for long term trades for investors who typically do not possess the knowledge or skill to manage their own portfolio effectively.

Comprehensive services can be tailored to match your exacting requirements. A portfolio can be built with regular redemptions in mind to, for instance, pay property mortgages or to provide supplementary income. It can be constructed with an increased risk profile in order to achieve advanced levels of capital appreciation for when it may be required at some point in the future.

  • Investments will be managed by a qualified Financial Strategist that the client authorizes to make investment decisions on his or her behalf;

  • The Financial Strategist, in keeping with the client’s objectives and risk adversity protocols can add stipulations that investments are not to be made in any industries they consider unethical; armaments, munitions, tobacco etc.;

  • There is minor processing down time between making the investment decision and executing it;

  • Clients have unfettered and unrestricted access to investment and portfolio managers who are able to discuss any issues or inquiries;

  • Documentation pertaining to equities or other assets held within a client’s portfolio are held in a nominee account minimizing the risk of loss;

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